Groups, Corporate Services & Seminars

Living Life offers a range of educational workshops into the community. They are facilitated by experienced counsellors who will provide you with the understanding and knowledge to help you make positive changes in your life. Working together in a group environment, you can learn new skills in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and support. Workshops include the following and can be arranged for your Community Organisation upon request:

  • Building Healthy Relationships
  • Interpersonal Communication in the Workplace
  • Bullying in the Workplace
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Parenting
  • Boundaries
  • Trauma Education and Recovery

Additionally we can provide in house corporate training, delivering seminars and workshops that are tailored to the specific needs of your business. Please see our Corporate Services page for more information.

Critical Incident Debriefing

“The expectation that we can be immersed in suffering and loss (trauma) and not be touched by it is as realistic as expecting to walk through water without getting wet.” (Rachael Naomi Remen 1998)

Trauma impacts individuals in different ways. Education, support and understanding following trauma is vital and can make a significant difference to trauma recovery. During critical incident debriefing we typically hear responses such as ‘I didn’t know what I was feeling was normal.’ Understanding both physiological and emotional responses can facilitate the recovery process following trauma and allow healing and a way forward.

Should you have a need to respond to a personal or workplace situation, or simply wish to make an inquiry with regard to your own situation, please speak with our Director Zoe Broomhead to discuss your particular needs or engage these services where required. After hours contact is available on 0402 475 333.

Client Feedback

A trauma recovery survivor

“I am a middle-aged businessman who was involved in a life threatening accident that fragmented my world. Friends, family and normal everyday life ceased to function in ways I understood. Because of the trauma I was unable to function in normal daily life. I was unable to work due to intrusive recurring memories and a fog that enveloped my thoughts and daily living. Recommended by a past client, the team at Living Life worked with me in a supportive environment to understand the impact of the trauma in my life and assisted me to rebuild normal function so I could return to work and restore healthy relationships over time.”

Addiction & Life Skills

“Before being introduced to counselling I was on a deep black downward spiral. At first I was hesitant, but something within me wanted and needed to talk with someone. Over time my trust in my counsellor increased. I was never judged. I was able to speak freely and felt my opinion counted for something. I was handed tools to be able to ‘live life’, and to believe that I do deserve to be happy and have self respect. Without counselling I would never have learnt appropriate boundaries, and life skills. Thanks to the support of my counsellor, my life has completely turned around from my former life of depression and severe addiction. I now live life – it’s not always great but I now know how to deal with problems. And when things seem to be getting out of my control I know exactly where I need to go.”

Depression & Anxiety

“Seeing a counsellor has helped me to step back and see my issues in a wider context without being completely tied up in knots by anxieties and fears. Apart from practical things like learning strategies for dealing with symptoms of depression and anxiety, it’s been so helpful to understand how my experiences have impacted the way I think and react. It’s too easy to believe that I’m just hopeless and can’t cope with real life… since being in counselling I have learned that my reactions and fears and worries are all normal, and I’m NOT hopeless. And by far the most important and valuable thing is knowing that counselling is somewhere I can be safe.”

The decision to see a counsellor

“Making the decision to see a counsellor is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I had to learn to trust my counsellor, and to learn that counselling is a place where I can be safe. It took time for me to build a relationship with my counsellor and to believe that she wouldn’t judge or condemn me for the things I said or the way I think. It’s unrealistic to expect to feel safe straight away, or to immediately trust someone you’ve just met. My counselling sessions always go at my pace, the pace that feels safe for me, and I have developed trust in my counsellor over time. Counselling is now a place where I feel free to talk about my fears and worries without being judged; and where I can find understanding, support and practical help.”

Marriage Preparation

We invest so much in the wedding and preparation for this day, yet this one day is just the beginning of the future relationship you will share together. Marriage Preparation is an opportunity to clarify and understand unspoken expectations and dreams for a healthier foundation to building your relationship.

Relationship Enrichment

Although as counsellors we see many couples seeking help when their marriage is in trouble, it is not the case that counselling is only for relationships that are in trouble. There is truth to the old saying “a stitch in time saves nine”.

This is true of healthy relationships. Relationship Enrichment is about being proactive in your relationship, seeking to build and strengthen your relationship as a positive step rather than seeking a cure when your relationship is in trouble. A strong, loving relationship does not happen by chance. This is an opportunity to build on your strengths together and to make a positive investment in your continuing relationship.